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Dorothy Dorothy Enriquez, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

A Letter from the First DOT-Tributor:

Dorothy Enriquez has been my closest friend for over a decade. I have been able to count on her to give me her true opinion (even when I did not ask for it) whenever I needed it.  And that is something about her that is very unique. It is not just that she cares or is an honest person. Rather, she is someone who can be counted on for that honest opinion that you need to hear. When you look deeper, behind everything she puts into the magazine, there she is trying to answer the questions we need answered. She understands as twenty and thirty-somethings, we can get what we want to hear anywhere and everywhere. But getting what you need to hear is the special ingredient in the magic she works.

10 Questions with Dorothy Enriquez

  1. What makes you love what you do? When strangers, friends, and/or family tell me how encouraged they are by the magazine, whether it’s an article, a photo or the whole thing. It’s empowering and touching to know what I do inspires others to pursue their dreams or keep going on the path.
  2. What is your favorite piece of clothing? I would say shoes. But, if it really has to be clothes, I would say a good jacket to pull ‘the look’ together. What is your go-to piece in your closet? My blue blazer and nautical Frou Frou LA dress.
  3. What makes you giddy? A really good joke, like a complete knee-slapper. Or seeing two people friends, family or lovers who really share a special something…a je ne sais quoi. I really love that.
  4. What is your personal tag-line? I’m tryin’ to do some thangs. Tryin’ to be on point. Hey now!
  5. What is something people don’t know about you? They don’t know that my mom ate spaghetti the entire time she was pregnant with me. So, of course, it was my favorite food growing up.
  6. What is your comfort food? Ice Cream. It’ll be the death of me. When I was 24, I ate it for breakfast for a week. Needless to say, I’ll never do that again.
  7. How do you relax, fully and comfortably? A massage! I feel like a champ afterwards, like a limber timber.
  8. Where in the world do you want to visit next? Africa or Europe.
  9. What reminds you humanity is still good? When someone forgets their wallet or purse and a stranger hands it back to them.
  10. What is the last thing you encountered that gave you an “Ah-ha” moment? When I drove away from my last corporate job to pursue the magazine as a full time endeavor; that was huge. I realized that I’m DOING what people dream of for a lifetime.

How I Made the Business Issue Fierce

Jaime-Christie Calucag, Project Manager

Jaime-Christie: The woman who gets ‘ish’ done.

She identifies budget, time and quality constraints, mitigates project slippage, avoids scope creep, and clearly documents objectives and milestones; all the while being fashion forward and fabulous. Her 10-year background in project management helps her keep the DOT-Tributors on point.

Jaime-Christie was DOT Magazine’s first jewelry sponsor and event stylist. But her contribution didn’t stop there. She integrated herself into the team and volunteered her fashion advice on set at photo shoots. It didn’t take long to realize she was an asset. 6 months later she became the Lead Stylist. Currently, Jaime-Christie serves as our Project Manager. She is the glue that holds us together. Always re-inventing herself, we can’t wait to see what Jaime-Christie will do next.

Shelley Sheri, Lead Make-up Artist and Hair Stylis

Shelley Sheri: You’re ready for your close up.

Welcomes you to journey with her on a relentless quest to make people feel and look beautiful. Fascinated with the beauty industry Shelley Sheri parlayed her curiosity into an experience. She got right to work after receiving her cosmetology license. She began doing hair and make up for photo shoots, fashion shows, music videos and trade shows.

Shelley Sheri even shares her knowledge with other stylists. Someone who enjoys helping others is always a breath of fresh air. Speaking of which, that’s exactly why she’s joined DOT as the Lead Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist; our DOT-Nistas love feeling and looking fabulous. Shelley is moving up in the world of beauty, so if you’re looking to boost your hair and make-up repertoire, she’ll teach you how you can too at Glamance.com!

Edgar: Why would I photo shop you…when you’re already beautiful?

Your main squeeze. Edgar’s got his finger on the ‘trigger’ that will capture your memorable moment, special occasion or fast paced sporting event. Serving as Lead Photographer for DOT since 2011, he captures the fashion element and the DOT-Nista personality to make our content come to life. He refers to his pictures as a point in time frozen to be enjoyed for years to come.  Edgar has his own photography company, EJJE Photo, where he’s been taking photos for the last 8 years. Edgar is hand selected by designers for runway events. And, of course, he’s always our number one draft pick. Strike a pose; it’s time to upgrade to your portfolio.

Edgar Logo

Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor: That is a blessing to the whole kingdom.

Tracey Hawkins-Sydnor - Content Editor

Her down to earth approach and contagious energy make her extremely effective in working with and empowering young ladies.  Tracey Sydnor is the CEO of the publishing entity Lexi Press. Couple that with her creativity and her desire to connect others..and voila, you have DOT Magazine’s Social Media Director.

She has taken her passion for youth and gift for creative writing to author the book 365 Girl. 365 Girl is an immediate call to action on raising the self-esteem and re-enforcing Christian values in girls ages 10-18. The book is meant to challenge the mindset and decision making process of young ladies, so they make informed and positive life choices. The book birthed the foundation 365 Girl founded in September 2010. Under Tracey’s visionary leadership 365 Girl is currently participating in over 40 events a year in 3 states across the US. Recently, she was crowned Ms. Southern California Woman of Achievement 2014 and 1st runner up to Ms. United States Woman of Achievement.

Shayla Courtney: Style is who you are without speaking.

Shayla Courtney is a dreamer, plan setter, go-getter, and fashionista approaching thirty. She’s on a serious mission to take over the fashion industry. Shayla is a writer at heart who loves to share her passion for style. Her focus has always been helping women discover how to reflect who they are on the inside in their everyday style. Shayla is known for being a fashion risk taker and style leader.

Shayla graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. After spending time in corporate America, she decided it was time to focus on her dreams. Shayla started her own styling business, Prim Heiress Styling, and is currently building a fashion empire on the East Coast. Her hobbies include giving back every opportunity she can and reading. She is on a journey to never stop growing, learning, and continuously finding ways to be inspired. Check out her style blog to find out tips and tricks on developing your style, smart shopping, and making fashion work for you at www.shaylacourtney.com.

Dr. Essence: Your eyes say a lot about you.

When she’s not helping the world see one eye at a time, Dr. Essence Robinson likes to immerse herself in a good book.  She’s been an avid reader since her grade school years. Now, life post graduate school has allowed her to be a yearly participant in her city’s Adult Summer Reading Program and share her must reads with DOT-nistas on the website and Pinterest page.  A library card holder in two cities, and a fan of Amazon and Pixel of Ink, Dr. Robinson enjoys sharing her finds with others, giving her review and receiving feedback and suggestions on the next book awaiting to be checked out or downloaded.

Candace Lelo: You won’t catch your dreams standing still.

Candace Lelo - Writer

Expect Candace to be vocal about current events, race relations, social interactions, family life, relationships and much more. She loves connecting with her readers and is eager to take on the writing world…one keystroke at a time.

Candace has been enamored with the idea of freeing her thoughts via pen and pad from a young age. As technology progresses, so do her writing methods. And the fact remains that she is a creative spirit that was born to write.

As a twenty-four hour a day mother with banking hours, she juggles the job of wearing many hats. Candace prioritizes family time, financial responsibilities, and weekly workouts while writing pieces for DOT. She is a natural hair enthusiast, loves style and fashion, and her Kindle is attached to her hip. One day she plans to pen a novel loosely based on the life experiences of herself and others.