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Fix Your Focus

By: Dorothy Enriquez

Every day comes with a new list of to-dos. I’m relentless about lists. I even have lists for lists. But lately, all line items have gone unchecked and undone. Yuck. Am I depressed? Am I feeling a wee bit lonely after my 2000 mile move? Whatever it is and whatever the cause, shit’s not getting done. And looking at my lists—if I’m not depressed— is depressing me!

I’m in a funk. Boo to that. There is so much to be done. I have an empire to build and people to inspire; but I’m overwhelmed. If I’m going to take over the world, I must plan a coup d’etat on my funky mindset. And do what’s never been done before.

Trash the lists. Not forever. Just for now. Until I fix my focus. All of these laundry list tasks, big and small are derailing my ability to maintain focus and stay the course to greatness. ‘In the trash lists! All of you.’

The new goal is to think in ones. Just one thing. Each day. One personal to do. And one professional. And every day if I…scratch that, when I get my line item done, I’ll know I’m winning the war on focus.

This strategy releases the pressure. It gives my soul breathing room. I can fix my focus in peace. Then when I’m ready I’ll return to the daily grind. Sometimes, we all need to take a step back in order to make a leap forward. #speaklife

What bold step will you take to stay focused?

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