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The 3 Biggest Shopping Mistakes

And How to Stop Making Them

Women rarely need a reason to shop. As the largest retail consumer, we are prone to finding everything we want and don’t need.  Are you buying wisely when shopping for new adds to your closet? Check out the 3 biggest mistakes most women make when spending money on their wardrobe.

1)   Sale Price Seduction

Sales happen all year round and are guaranteed on holidays. Don’t let the red numbers lure you into purchasing an item you will later loathe because it wasn’t right for you from the beginning.  It’s important to ask yourself these questions when buying sale items: Does it fit? Does it pair with a comfortable pair of shoes in your closet? Is it trendy or classic?

 2)   The Buying Cycle

Buying more than one item of the same thing isn’t necessary unless it’s white. (Because you can never have too much white). If you find another horizontal stripe top you must have, buy it with one principle in mind: out with the old, in with the new!

 3)   Connecting the pieces

When making a purchase you want to make sure you have the items necessary to connect the pieces. Don’t buy a strapless gown if you have no intentions of buying a good strapless bra to go with it or have one at home. Don’t purchase the pants in a size larger if you aren’t going to buy a great belt to hold them up. Before buying an item ask yourself the important question: what do I need to wear this?

The most important thing when shopping is buying what truly makes you happy. It’s important to take back your buying power and purchase only those things that are the perfect fit for you, your wardrobe and your life. Happy Shopping!

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Shayla Courtney


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