Kiersten Kindred is F.A.B.


FAB entrepreneurs are fabulous, ambitious and brilliant women. These ladies understand dreams do not have deadlines. It’s a process NOT a project. She is living proof that being fabulous is way more fun than begin perfect. She lives her life in HD brilliance and has discovered: she’s already equipped with everything necessary for continued success.

I never look back and I have a fervent belief that everything happens for a reason. DOT: What makes you passionate about Communications and helping people build reputable brands?

Kiersten Kindred: Branding and Communications establishes the success of a business for today and tomorrow. Small businesses make big contributions to our communities and society, and if I can be a catalyst in building a successful brand, my job is done. 


DOT: What was the biggest challenge you faced as an entrepreneur starting out and how did you overcome that challenge? 

Kiersten Kindred: I had to learn how to be patient with myself. When I was first starting my business, I wanted everything to happen quickly and I was becoming hard on myself when challenges came about. I had to learn to give myself a little credit for my accomplishments (it takes a lot because I am my worst critic).


DOT: What was the greatest inspiration for your book Five Steps to Marketing Success?

Kiersten Kindred: Seeing small businesses in need of marketing help, but they simply did not have the resources nor time to do the research. I comprised this book to help the average small business owner learn quick, practical and step-by-step marketing strategies for their business.


DOT: What can readers look forward to most in your book?

Kiersten Kindred: Readers can look forward to not having to learn everything by themselves. I have laid out the foundation and necessary tools to build a winning brand and marketing plan.


DOT: Congrats on graduating Magna Cum Laude from SHSU! How did you do it? Were you involved in any other groups and activities while in school? Tell all the aspiring entrepreneurs and college students your secret!

Kiersten Kindred: I stayed on top of my grades and attended many tutorials. I practically lived in the library and I made sure to have a balanced life which included: going to church, studying, partying (at least three a month), and extracurricular activities.

While I was in school, I worked as a teacher for a undergraduate astronomy class, I was the President of an Sigma Alpha Pi (an honor society), I was a member of Alpha Chi (an honor society), an active member of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), a mentor to freshman students, a Public Relations Intern for a local museum, the Government Producer for the SHSU TV station and a Public Relations Volunteer for Green Team America.

As you can tell, I like to keep busy. My best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and college students would be to start your personal brand while you are in school and to get your job experience before you walk across the stage at graduation.


DOT: If there was one thing you could go back do better in your journey to success what would it be or would you go back at all?

Kiersten Kindred: I never look back and I have a fervent belief that everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for all of us; I follow Him and pray for guidance and leave my life in His hands. Any mistake that I have made has been a lesson learned.

As the poet Robert Frost said, “I took the one [road] less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”


DOT: What made you add an online magazine to your brand after writing for so many other reputable publications?

Kiersten Kindred: My company, Kindred Communications, informs, connects and entertains people. A-List 180 Magazine is a branch of the entertainment sector of Kindred Communications. I created A-List 180 Magazine to provide positive, diverse and trendy news content. I wanted to create something that I thought people might enjoy every week.


DOT: What role has social media played in building your business and brand?

Kiersten Kindred: Social media has expanded my community and my reach; it is a very important component to my business and my brand.


DOT: What’s the best piece of advice you received on your journey to success as an entrepreneur?

Kiersten Kindred: I can’t only pick one! I received two WONDERFUL pieces of advice:

Never let someone who can’t tell you ‘yes’ tell you ‘no.’”


“No one can sell you better than you can sell yourself.”


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  1. Rolanda Hall
    Rolanda Hall06-10-2015

    I personally know Kiersten and she one of the hardest working person I know. I am so happy that she had this opportunity to share a piece of her success story. Her story is a true inspiration for other young entrepreneurs.

  2. Tyler Myers
    Tyler Myers06-10-2015

    I will definitely be getting this book! I think this will be a great help to my business & her story is truly amazing.

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