What’s Your Image Credit Score?

“Women who wear make up to work, on average, earn up to 25% more than women who don’t”Sue, Your Color Image Center

Your image is almost as important as your credit score. Your appearance tells people everything they need to know before you open your mouth. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or CEO, if you want people to take you seriously it starts with you. Keep your image credit in good standing with these 4 essentials to create a basic face and improve your everyday image.

1. Light coverage foundation

Foundations are best explored in a department store. If you’re a minimalist looking for a natural made up face, grab Maybelline’s BB cream. It is a tinted moisturizer that offers smooth but light coverage for a finished look to your complexion.

2. Mascara

This is the most important.  Mascara brightens the eyes and keeps you from looking tired half way through the day after lunch. The best drug store mascara is the Cover Girl lash blast mascara because it adds great volume and can be layered well to thicken lashes.

3. Blush

Most ladies skip this step in their makeup application unaware that after foundation the face needs color for more dimension. After applying foundation bring your face back to life by adding blush to highlight along the cheekbone. My favorite blush these days is Dolly Mix by MAC, a deep pink that can be added heavily for contouring the face or lightly for just a touch of color.

4. A good night’s rest

If you aren’t resting no amount of makeup will hide those bags under your eyes. Not being tired is essential to looking great every day.

Wearing makeup is not about just “having your face on”. The New York Times reports on a study completed by professors at Boston University that women who wear make up appear more professionally competent. When you look together, the expectation will be that you are. Looking for a raise this year? It’s time to invest in your image credit.

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~Style On~

Shayla Courtney

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  1. Lia Adams
    Lia Adams05-21-2015

    I love this article and highly agree with it. Makeup will make the difference. Just don’t go crazy with it.

    • Shayla Courtney
      Shayla Courtney05-22-2015

      Definitely agree that make up should be minimal for a professional setting! Glad you enjoyed it Lia!

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