Stiletto Style Stalk

By: Jonnie Enriquez

It’s a love hate relationship. Definitely maybe?

We love high heels as much as we hate them. They hurt like hell; but beauty knows no pain right? Flip flops to the office everyday says we don’t care. And do Birkenstocks indicate that we’ve checked out of the world of fashion all together?

We’ve heard stilettos are bad for our health. But do we really want to become a flat-nista? Meh. Who’s to say?

 Mail Online says: A woman will wear high heels over 51 years of her life according to a study which links stilettos to the female psyche.

The average woman puts on her first pair at 12 and takes off her last at 63 when comfort begins to take precedence.

She will start with a low one-inch heel and build up to a towering five inches by the age of 23 as she teeters into womanhood.

Part of being an estrogen-filled borderline superhero is pondering what you put on your feet day to day to conquer the world in style. Your shoes are the biggest blabber mouths if you think about it. Just when you thought it was your best friend Sarah spilling the tea—not so much. Your shoes say something about you.

What type of women wear which shoes? And which one are you?

The Lady of Comfort: You know her. She is not ‘older’ nor does she have a bad back.  She’s quick to run to the grocery store in her Reefs even if it is chilly out. She’s marking X’s on the calendar waiting patiently for one leaf to turn orange to break out the Ugg boots for their usual 8 month stint (because it’s still cold from Labor Day weekend to May!). On Saturday night she is dressed to the nines in flats and if there were Birkenstocks made acceptable for work—you’d find her in them! For now, she wears Crocs.

The Lady of The Night: You’ve seen her. She is all about an evening look. Even if it’s a simple Target run, she’s in four inch snake skin sling backs…in the middle of the day. She enjoys feeling tall whether she is at a night club or at the beach and for this lady there is an amount of ‘sex appeal’ derived from her high heel fetish. Her two favorite things: pedicures and epsom salt…for the swelling.

The Lady of Practicality: She is the last of the round-toe shoe owning Mohicans. She completely missed the women’s fashion memo: While none of our feet are shaped this way, shoes look much more fabulous when they come to a point! She is best friends with the local shoe repair, as even the most wonderful set of heels are only wonderful if they are 2” or shorter. A great fan of the kitten heel, wedges, platforms, and moccasins, she is a ‘sole’ believer that shoes should be worn to fit the occasion and fashion comes second when convenient.

The Lady of Trend Setting: You might be her. Or secretly want to be her. She is versatile. She could pair a suede stiletto with an evening dress, or beaded Greek sandals for a day at the park. Whatever is in fashion she has it and if Rihanna wore it Friday, she’ll have it Monday! She is the eye catcher on the sidewalk; you just have to pull her aside and say, “I love your shoes”. She will smile and say, “Thanks doll!” and if you’re lucky, she’ll share with you the latest tip on where to get a fabulous pair!

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Which lady are you? What is your honest opinion about high heels? Leave a comment below!

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