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By: Candace Lelo

We all have moments when our lives feel a bit off kilter. When any area of our life is unbalanced, it is important to pinpoint the cause and make a plan of action to fix it. If balance and a harmonious environment is what you’re seeking…Feng Shui may be just the solution for you.

Feng Shui focuses of the flow of energy or chi. Broken down from Chinese into the English language, Feng means wind; which is representative of air, and Shui means water. Both elements are necessary for the essential flow of life.   

According to Cambridge Dictionary Feng Shui is: 

An ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects within it affects your successhealth, and happiness.

If you’ve researched Feng Shui, you know that tackling the topic in one afternoon is a daunting task. I want to offer a simple How-to-Guide that pinpoints the major elements and principles of this ancient Chinese belief.    

The first thing one must do to promote Feng Shui is to assess the environment. Is there anything that needs to be de-cluttered or cleaned? Are there items in your home that you no longer have use for? These unused items are blocking the flow of energy. Energy in your home should always be free flowing.

Secondly, be cognizant of color. Colors evoke certain feelings and promote distinct atmospheres. For instance, warm tones (copper, coral, cream, cocoa, etc.) promote a cozy atmosphere and are good for the bedroom. Soft cool colors, (blues, greens and lavenders) create a healing environment and are good for nurseries. Bright vibrant colors (red, orange, etc.) are stimulating and would be good in living rooms. You can paint walls these colors, or just have accents (throws, wall art, vases etc.), which will create the desired energy.

Let’s explore the Feng Shui experience room by room. There are 3 main rooms or areas that should be focused on: the master bedroom, the front entry way and the kitchen.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should provide safety, intimacy and protection.  The bed should always be placed diagonally opposite the door and against the wall so that you can see who is entering the room. Also, all electronics should remain outside the bedroom.  The bedroom is a place of relaxation and rest and TVs radios and other electronics can cause disturbance to your sleep. Window coverings, or lack thereof, can also cause disturbance. Invest in curtains or fabric shades to create a mood that is cozy, promotes privacy and doesn’t allow too much light in.

The Front Entry Way

The front entry way is important because it is where the energy enters your home. The entryway should be completely unblocked allowing for positive energy to move freely through your home. This area should also be well lit and incorporate a life source like a healthy plant. It’s not a bad idea to add a little artwork to this area either. Creating an atmosphere for good energy will create a domino effect of positive happenings in your life.

The Kitchen

Lastly, we will touch on the importance of Feng Shui as it relates to the kitchen. The kitchen symbolizes health and wealth. Obviously the kitchen is where meals are made and food is stored. Food provides our daily sustenance and is also a source for health.  Therefore, it is important that functional aspects of the kitchen are kept in tiptop shape. All the stove burners should be working properly, and faucets should not be leaking. Counter surfaces and flooring should also be clean and clear of clutter. The kitchen is so intertwined with our health and livelihood that the maintenance of this area is directly connected to our overall wellness.  

I hope this overview of Feng Shui sparked some ideas on how to incorporate it into your home. Whether or not we realize it, our environment and space in which we live affects us all. The ability to create a functional and balanced environment is in your hands.  

Good luck!

Key Points
1. Balance the energy within your home.

2. Limit or remove unnecessary items.

3. Incorporate positive images or artwork in each room.

4. Color choice matters.

5. Make sure each room has a purpose that it is fulfilling.

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  1. Lashaunda Jones
    Lashaunda Jones02-19-2015

    This is an awesome article! I don’t think many people realize their atmosphere has a huge impact on their attitude! I notice that when my home is a mess my day starts off on a negative note. I love the bedroom advice! I am guilty of having a television in my room and i think this will be the week it polietly inches it’s way out. I have been itching to change my bedroom color scheme and i think blue is on the menu.Great article Candace!!!

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo02-22-2015

      Thank you Lashaunda. That is so true! Just a bit of tweaking to your environment makes all the difference!

  2. Destiny

    Great read! I love my current room. It fits my personality and style!

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo02-22-2015

      Thanks Destiny!

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