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Distance vs. Love

What and Where’s the Next?

Who’s moving where?”

Wouldn’t that be your question if I told you I live in VA and my man lives in Chicago?

This is serious. And it should be. Maximum effort is required in order to enjoy the full benefits of long distance love. Here are some perspectives to keep on the front burner because things are hot and heavy now. We have a whole relationship to maintain.

It’s your business. The real question many ask is: what and where’s the next move going to be? Good question. But, I won’t justify it with a response. My perspective: If you and your love have committed to going the distance, make it your business to know what he desires— that’s what really matters.

Keep your relationship first. People are going to have questions, especially parents. Everyone’s going to want to meet and spend time with him. Keep in mind you don’t see him as often as you’d like already. So it’s about you and him before it can be about anyone else.

You need to please him, not your family and friends. I’ve learned this past year that my man absolutely adores ME. He values my time and our moments together. He could care less about meeting people he’s only going to see for a split second when he would rather spend time looking at me. I gave up trying to please family and friends to focus on pleasing him. It’s been very rewarding.

Keep it between you two and it remains special.  If things don’t go as planned, it’s ok. You may have to re-write the end to your love story a few times, but it’s your story. The number one thing about communication in a long distance relationship is to begin with the end in mind. Be clear and direct about what you want. Talk about where thing are going early. Discuss how you plan to get there.

Trust your man. Distance or no distance I know where his heart lies. I know our plan. If it turns out a little different or takes a little longer I trust God’s will is being worked in our favor. I trust we are both whole-heartedly in this. I trust his word. Trust is all that matters if you want to go the distance.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Was it difficult to trust your significant other?

Let’s chat in the series of Distance vs. Love in the comments section below!

Happy Valentine’s Week

–Shayla Courtney

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  1. Patrick M
    Patrick M02-16-2015

    This is great advice. Long distance relationships are a challenge but very doable. Trust and communication are the number one things needed to make it work. Praying and reading books together also helps.Good stuff!

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