How’s the Weather?

Did the news anchor just say Highway 43 is like a skating rink? Seriously?

It is a brave new world here in the Midwest, specifically in Milwaukee where I now reside. Being a California girl I looked at the weather every day to decide if I should wear a cardigan or a blazer. A pencil skirt or slacks? And if by some off chance there was rain in the forecast, I’d put my natural locks in a protective style.

But now! Boys and girls, shit just got real. Weather is like a legit reason to watch the news and figure out not only how to dress based on wind chill but whether you should even bother going outside. Pun intended.

This question of ‘How’s the weather?’ means something completely different now. I notice my Cali news anchors, love you to death, just GUESS when it comes to weather. It’s a running joke with co-workers, friends and family. Here in the Midwest, their predictions are accurate and on point. This wind chill foolishness is no joke. If you’re not dressed for success…count on losing a few fingers and toes.

Just yesterday when the news anchors were describing the upcoming cold front and the type of weather it would bring, their word choices included bitter, nasty and biting. In that order. I’m trying to use my imagination to correlate ‘biting’ and weather. The only thing I can come up with is when I stood on a red ant hill as a kid and practically got stung to death. If the weather is going to be like that…I’m calling in well to work. Bye Felicia.

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