Fashionably Flawless after 30

By: Candace Lelo

Thirty is definitely a milestone year for most women. We transform from young ladies to grown women during this timeframe. One thing still stays relevant in most women’s minds, even with the transformation—fashion.

Our bodies mature as we get further up in age so we tend to have to modify our fashion sense. Midriffs and super tight, form-fitting clothing are no longer the go to for a 30-year-old woman. The subtle and not so subtle changes to the body don’t allow for the same sort of wardrobe we had in our younger days. She wants her clothes to flatter and accentuate her shape while exuding sophistication and style at the same time. So what’s a woman in her thirties to do? She is still young. And she is still a woman.

It’s about the staples. To obtain a fashionable but sophisticated look, a woman must have her staples. Shayla Courtney, style DOT-Tributor, talks about it all the time. A staple is an investment worthy piece of clothing. It can be mixed and matched to go along with other articles of clothing that are appropriate to match any setting. These are the pieces you want to invest in and spend the dollars. They will last season over season and year over year.

In this article I’ll share my five staples for the 30-somethings.

Light Weight Blazer

There are so many different cuts, styles and colors of blazers. They can easily transition from a workplace fit to after work attire in a snap.  Blazers allow a woman to be stylish and professional at the same time. 

Dark Blue Jeans

These are the sort of jeans that should be fitted but not “skinny jean fitted”, trendy, or ripped. Blue jeans are a perfect piece for any woman’s wardrobe and can be worn on many different occasions.

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are flattering, sexy and will accentuate your curves. This skirt lives happily with a fabulous shoe and a blazer. It is a piece that can be dressed up or down. You are the woman in charge. So you decide.

Black Pumps

Black pumps can be worn on interviews, during the workday or for a night out. You can pair it with jeans, a skirt, a dress; virtually anything. It is a must have in your wardrobe.

Little Black Dress (LBD)

The variations of this dress are endless. You cannot lose.  The little black dress is the sophisticated sexy wardrobe piece that just happens to be timeless because you can wear it at any stage in life.  It’s the dress that embodies everything it means to be feminine and it can fit into any environment.

These are your staple items for fashionable women in their thirties: lightweight blazer, black pumps, dark blue jeans, pencil skirts and LBD. Remember, you can dress age and figure appropriate and still be fashion forward at the same time.  Stay fashionably flawless.

What’s in your closet? Are there any investment pieces you have I didn’t mention? Did you like this article? Share it with a fellow DOT-Nista!



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  1. Lashaunda

    Awesome artivle! I definitely need to add a pencil skirt to my wardrobe! Great tips!

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-08-2014

      Thanks for reading Lashaunda! Yes you must add a pencil skirt to your arsenal! Such a classic piece.

  2. Catrina

    Great article ! I agree that investment pieces are necessary , which may mean spending more than usual .A nice quality blazer, great skirt, jeans,etc. I like classy pieces with just a few trendy items , since trends dissipate quickly .I’m working on myself currently . Lol

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-08-2014

      Thanks for checking out the article Catrina. Yes, quality over quantity, and thats the great thing about staples! You can mix and match your more expensive staple items with less expensive pieces. Good luck on your fashion journey. Looks like you’re already on the right path!

  3. Rolo Tomassi
    Rolo Tomassi11-07-2014

    Pretty interesting read. I bet watching this progression of young ladies to grown women is interesting. I can appreciate the difference between the young/wild and grown/reformed fashion.

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-08-2014

      Thanks Rolo! Its definitely an interesting progression to see. I can appreciate the process as well! Thanks for reading!

  4. Destiny

    Love it. I have things like this in my closet at the age of 21, but I do believe your sense of style changes and you look more woman like and more sophisticated. Attractive to the grown man and not so much the little boys anymore, in certain cases. Good read!

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-09-2014

      That is great Destiny! You are right! It is never to early to have these pieces in your closet. They are timeless really.

  5. J.R Bennett
    J.R Bennett11-08-2014

    That’s definitely true about the transformation around that age. And some women have a hard time adapting to their new bodies and what to wear to compliment it. So this is a great article, I will definitely share it with coworkers and family members. Keep blessing people with your fashion knowledge. Great tips

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-13-2014

      Thank you sir! Very much appreciated.

  6. Vanessa Koroma
    Vanessa Koroma11-08-2014

    I’m 26 years old and I’ve had 4 out of 5 of these staples for years, it makes me look sophisticated and well put together while not necessarily trying. I like a warddrobe with ease, when I’m 30+ I want to continue to look like I have a good head on my shoulders and in today’s society, how you dress is a major factor. Thank you for this article, it was very informative and I’m glad I’m on the right track 🙂

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-13-2014

      Yes you are on the right track Vanessa! Thanks for reading!

  7. Tralyn

    Love the article. I will say you covered all key pieces that a woman should have in her closest. I actually own all these!! lol

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-13-2014

      Thanks! Great job Tralyn. You’re on it!

  8. Karen Anthony
    Karen Anthony11-12-2014

    Whereas the staple items mentioned above are key and yes I have them all, just as important as you mature into even more fabulousness is that your make up is age appropriate. For those that don’t wear make-up at all perhaps a little in just the right place will help enhance your beauty and for those that do wear make-up, perhaps it’s time to tone it down or add a bit more. The perfect haircut and or hairstyle is also essential to the look and lastly the confidence used to ROCK all those components is key. Fashion is an unspoken word with attitude from head to toe!

    • Dorothy

      I couldn’t agree more Karen. You’re so right about adjusting the makeup swag. The way I wore my make up in my early 20s is very different compared to how I polish my face in my early 30s. And yes…hair and also good brows can really polish off how you present yourself to others. So I couldn’t agree with you more!

      • Candace Lelo
        Candace Lelo11-13-2014

        Good Brows! Yes Dorothy. Freshly done eyebrows make your whole face look different. 🙂

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-13-2014

      Great points Karen!

  9. Tansy

    Very well said Candace! Every women is different, but the pieces you mentioned in this article make up the basis of my wardrobe; they’re the must haves, no matter what your style — the wardrobe essentials. I am in my 30s and I have to say, becoming comfortable in my own skin is more important to me now than ever. Very good read!

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-13-2014

      Thank You Tansy!

  10. Farrah

    As I’ve gotten older, good fitting, comfortable, well made shoes are a must! If you’re not comfortable in your shoes, you’re just not comfy. I will take months to find that right black pair, because you wear it with everything.

    • Dorothy

      I totally agree Farrah! A strong black shoe is a MUST! To this day, I pine over my fashion miss because I didn’t purchase these fabulous Anne Klein Booties last fall/winter season. And yes, a fantastic black shoe can really streamline a fabulously flawless ensemble. Love it! You’d probably love the What’s Your Shoe Secret blog we posted a while back:

  11. Gomez

    Lelo, I completely agree with your article, However don’t forget to also include a great investment handbag to complete the look.

    • Candace Lelo
      Candace Lelo11-19-2014

      Yes! That’s also an important accessory to complete the look! Thanks for the input!

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