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Shontay Pinder is F.A.B.!

FAB entrepreneurs are fabulous, ambitious and brilliant women. These ladies understand dreams do not have deadlines. It’s a process NOT a project. She is living proof that being fabulous is way more fun than begin perfect. She lives her life in HD brilliance and has discovered: she’s already equipped with everything necessary for continued success.

DOT: Do you think there is a difference between fashion and style?

Fashion is what’s in, the trends and classics. Style is your own unique spin on fashion-style is forever. Style makes you, the individual interesting. You are your own work of art when it comes to your personal style.
DOT: What did fashion mean to you growing up? How has that meaning evolved?

Shontay: I grew up in a fashionable family. My mom always rocked high fashion garments. Fashion as a child meant feeling good in my own personal expression. I had the autonomy to dress myself and these experiences greatly play a huge role in how I design my brand. As I became older, fashion evolved into feeling fabulous, confident and styling in a way that exudes inner and outer beauty.

DOT: When did you realize your passion for design was meant to be your destiny? What made it click?

Shontay: I always designed and sewed my own clothing since I was a teenager but I was never confident enough to start a business making clothing until I continued to get compliments from friends and strangers about clothing I would wear (that I made myself). Then I woke up one morning and while getting ready for work (as a Human Resources Manager) I decided that this 9-5 for someone else was not for me-Lol! From there I became successful making custom wear and that’s when it all came together.

DOT: Where did the name PASSPORT come from for your collection?

Shontay: PASSPORT by SP, is a new brand under the umbrella of Shontay Pinder Designs. I always wanted to name my company. Timing and selecting a name that would represent where my brand is now and what’s to come we’re all factors in selecting PASSPORT. I thought about all the exotic places for jet setters when traveling and this is what I wanted this new brand to reflect-PASSPORT is the ultimate luxe experience.

DOT: How has your eye for design evolved from the beginning until now? How?

Shontay: Well, some say fashion is in their blood-it’s really true for me. I know construction and what makes a woman’s body look fabulous. I am conscious that my clients are all sizes as well as pre and post baby shapes. I constantly studying what is happening in fashion as well as daydreaming about all the designs I have yet to create.

DOT: Who do you ultimately want to see wearing ShontayPinder?

Shontay: I would love for Queen Latifah to wear one of my blazers! Especially since she films her show in my hometown Chicago!

DOT: Do you have a signature look that is uniquely you?

Shontay: You can always spot me in a chic mini sheath dress and heels. In the fall, my must have is a custom trench coat!


DOT: What are you favorite colors/fabrics to work with?

Shontay: I love tweed, silk, and wool! My fave colors are reds, bright mixed prints, and black.

DOT: What in your journey has inspired you the most?

Shontay: I am most inspired by clients. They are continuously demanding the Shontay Pinder brand—I mean it’s really unbelievable right now. My team and I are just keeping our heads above water–it’s so busy for fall.

DOT: What new projects/fashion lines are on the horizon?

Shontay: I am planning a fashion show to showcase Holiday 14 during Chicago’s Fashion week this year. I am also working on some very cool kimono tops made for individual wear and as a swimsuit cover-up that will be customized in my very first graphic design pattern!

DOT: It’s been 5 years for you, what’s next?

Shontay: Continuing to build my brand. Concentrating on marketing in Year 6 and an expansion to a new boutique in Atlanta is on the horizon this fall!

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