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8 Summer Must Haves

By: Shayla Courtney

After a long dreary winter, summer is finally here DOT-nistas! That means having all the right items to keep your summer wardrobe together. Whether you’re heading for a beach vacation or wanting to look great from the office to the patio, there are just a few items every woman must have for summer. Here are 8 must have summer items to keep you in style.

A good wedge

Wedges are as sexy as a summer shoe can get. They are perfect for a woman who isn’t used to heels and offer balance with a sexy edge. Wedges are also the most comfortable heel you can own!

Bathing suit cover up 

No one wants to be completely naked when wearing a bathing suit, or maybe that’s the point. Either way, I obsess over cute cover ups! They can be found anywhere from Target to Nordstrom. They add a class to your swimwear attire.


Bring that summer glow to your cheeks! Bronzer is perfect on any skin tone and lightens up that summer tan with a touch of gold. It instantly makes you appear like a natural angel.

Hoops and dangling earrings

The summer is already heating up which means the hair goes up too. Dangling earrings and hoops are a perfect for summer hair, which usually consists of up-dos and ponytails. Let your earrings do the talking!

The crop top

Almost every woman can wear a crop top. If you don’t believe me, check social media! Pair your cropped top with a high-waisted skirt or pant if you don’t want to enjoy too much of the crop exposure.


Keep the shine down off of your face, add light coverage and give your summer glow a completely finished look.


Maxi skirt

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The most comfortable way to travel cute and still look great when you step off of the plane and perfect for any summer event!

Harem pants

These are also known as the ‘Hammer’ or ‘Genie’ pants. They are my go to summer cookout pant. They actually keep you cool and will work great as a transition into fall.

Have a great summer ladies. Remember, style doesn’t stop because it gets hot. You just have to take it up a notch!


~Style On DOTnistas~


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