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The Charity Challenge

By: Jay Young

Challenge yourself to do something for someone that will least expect it. Don’t wait for February to express your love. Love should be shared and spread abroad throughout the course of the year. Love is not only for your sweet heart or house hold.

What is charity? It’s doing something for someone who cannot return the favor. It is not based on conditions, “You do for me and I’ll do for you” or whether you like the person. God showed us charity when He sent His son to die for our sins. We didn’t deserve His favor, grace or mercy.

I don’t have any money. Donate your time. Then, put money aside each month or start a charity savings account. By year end, you’ll be able to do something special for someone.

I don’t know what I’d do for someone else. I came up with a few; one for every month left in 2014.

JUNE: Offer to take the woman who looks you up and down at work, out to lunch – maybe she will show a much softer version of herself.

JULY: Offer to pay for the next patron’s coffee in the Starbucks drive through.

AUGUST: Donate some time to reading to a sick child at a children’s hospital.

SEPTEMBER: Take a gift basket to an elder at a convalescent facility.

OCTOBER: Give the person who irritates you the most a gift card or thank you card. Thank them for helping you become a better person.

NOVEMBER: If you have a knack for cooking, prepare a meal for a very busy mom.

DECEMBER: Take the least of your girlfriends for pedi/mani.

Keep in mind, the charity challenge isn’t about you. And when you make room in your life to give, you open your door to receive. And as the months go by, I’d love to hear about how your new heart for charity is positively impacting your life. Drop me a note at info@dotmagazineonline.com.




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