Lauran Smith is F.A.B.

FAB entrepreneurs are fabulous, ambitious and brilliant women. These ladies understand dreams do not have deadlines. It’s a process NOT a project. She is living proof that being fabulous is way more fun than begin perfect. She lives her life in HD brilliance and has discovered: she’s already equipped with everything necessary for continued success.

“…Life as a full time Entrepreneur has not always been a “walk in the park”, and some days, it’s more like trying to walk through a windstorm; a constant fight against adversity. The decision to become an Entrepreneur was an easy one; remaining faithful in the journey, when bills are due, the month is longer than your money, the clients aren’t calling, has been one of life’s most difficult challenges…” – Lauran Smith

 DOT: What makes Lauran different from other entrepreneurs in her industry?

Lauran Smith: The thing that makes me stand out in the PR industry is my desire to maintain the “Mom & Pop”, small business feel of my company. I do not seek to have thousands of employees; however I do seek to hire interns for exposure and school credit.

DOT: You had a 9-5er but later left Corporate America to build your firm. What were key steps you took to ensure you would be successful in your business venture?

Lauran Smith: The key steps I took to ensure success in my business PR by Elle 77 included:

  1. Praying about my decision to leave corporate
  2. Securing clientele prior to my exit from Corporate America
  3. Outlining the goals for my business prior to securing clientele

DOT: What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a woman in business?

Lauran Smith: One of the biggest challenges that I have faced as a woman in business is BEING a woman in business. In today’s entrepreneurial and corporate culture, women are rising in their career choices successfully, however we still have to work twice as hard, be three times as good, and take four times as much crap.

DOT: What are 3 things Corporate America didn’t teach you about running a successful business?

Lauran Smith: Corporate America didn’t teach me the following things: how absolutely in love a person can be with their career, that the lives of those around you actually matter in the bigger picture and that one can actually enjoy a job regardless of the incentive of overtime pay!

DOT: What role, if any, does spirituality play in your pursuit of happiness?

Lauran Smith: Spirituality plays a major role in my pursuit of happiness because had it not been for my faith in God and my own abilities, I would not have taken the leap to leave the 9-5!

DOT: Describe the moment when you thought to yourself, “I’ve made it. I am really doing this!”

Lauran Smith: The moment where I felt “I’ve made it; I am really doing this” came when people who were randomly following my social media pages began asking me questions about simple business matters, being solicited to speak during Social Media Week 2013 regarding “Mastering the Social Media Universe” and other speaking opportunities, and when my clientele began rapidly growing! Plus, being told by a few that I was a motivating factor in them taking that “first step” in pursuing their dreams!

DOT: What is a mantra or affirmation you recite out loud or in your head all the time? Why?

Lauran Smith: My mantra is “Always have a plan to take a chance”. I say this because without taking a chance, how will you ever know just how far you will be able to go? I initially did not think that I had an entrepreneurial bone in my body, but I decided that I was worth taking a chance on…so I did! And here I am…

DOT: What does being fabulous, ambitious and brilliant mean to you?

Lauran Smith: Being fabulous, ambitious and brilliant means that I recognize how valuable I am to not only to my loved ones, but to the business world; and what I bring to any situation is whole and unique to that situation!

DOT: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a mentor or coach?

Lauran Smith: “You are good enough; we are proud of you”—that meant I have everything on the inside to achieve anything I desire, and I will always have the unconditional love and support of my family.

DOT: What is on the horizon for your life & style + business over the next 3 months? The next 6 months?

Lauran Smith: Over the next 3 months, I plan to complete a book that I am writing (topic to be released once the book and publishing is complete); over the next 6 months, I plan to potentially hire my first intern(s).

DOT: How can DOT-Nistas keep in touch with you and continue to follow your success? 

Lauran Smith: That’s no problem at all! You can catch me on Twitter (@prbyelle77), Instagram (@prbyelle_77), Facebook ( and I will be a featured speaker at the Women in PR Summit coming to Chicago, Aug 21-24! For additional information on this summit, visit! My web address is I love being a DOT-Nista and thank you for selecting me as a Fabulous, Ambitious & Brilliant Entrepreneur!

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