How to Shop YOUR Closet

Written By: Shayla Courtney

Shopping should start in your closet and end at the rack! – Shayla Courtney

Ladies it’s time to revive those closets! There are hidden jewels we haven’t worn in a while. We have forgotten all about them. They need re-discovering! We love to shop ladies, but let me help you save a little money as you transition into spring! I’ll help you dress up old items so they look brand new. This only requires a few adjustments to your already stocked wardrobe. Lets shop the looks you already have!

Change It Up

If you have a black suit, wear a white jacket with it. If you have a skirt suit lose the jacket for a sweater. We grow tired of our old looks because we are just wearing them the same way. It’s important to give yourself variety by mixing and matching the wardrobe pieces. This will make you look creative and revive the looks you’ve been rocking.


Add Different/New Accessories


Stop wearing the same necklace with the same top every time you wear it. No more wearing the same color all of the time either! Here’s your license to shop and buy a few new accessories. New accessories with old style can revive many of the looks you have in your closet. Take the focus off your favorite shirt and direct it to your newly accessorized look.






Think Outside the Color Box

Matching works for some. Monochromatic works for others. When you mix just a little more color into your everyday wardrobe it will add the spice you’re missing. Usher in the new season by slowly mixing spring colors into your winter wardrobe. This not only brightens your winter looks but gives you more variety in your color pallet as the seasons change.






Mix Up Prints

You may not be the risk taker in the office but mixing in a print or two never hurt anyone. The key to mixing prints is making sure the colors in both prints either flow together or complement one another. Mixing prints is dangerous if the patterns are too off or match in print but not in color— this can look busy! The key is looking for consistency in the prints. If you’re dong plaid, find a stripe with corresponding colors. If you’re dong floral, make sure both prints aren’t so similar that you end up looking like wallpaper. Spring Cleaning is important! Make sure to get rid of anything you don’t see yourself wearing this spring, or the next. When shopping in your closet keep an eye out for trends that have repeated from the previous year. The only difference between a new skirt and an old skirt is the price—the one in your closet is free! Shop in your closet before you ever shop anywhere else.

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  1. Renita Courtney
    Renita Courtney03-12-2014

    Enjoyed the article, great tips on why we should shop our closet. I will definitely change accessories and mix up my prints.

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