Are You Maturing or Aging

By: Jay Young

“Age ain’t nothing but a number” – At least that’s what Aaliyah said. If this rings true for you, then I challenge you to push yourself to change the paradigm. Redefine your priorities.
Ladies, as we age, our mentality and outlook on life should start to improve from where we were last year. As the year winds down, reflect back on your past goals and accomplishments throughout the year: professionally, personally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. If you notice no improvements, than you are just aging.
As we approach mid-year, take inventory of where you are in your life and where you want to be by the end of this year. Draft out a pre-timeline of when and how you are going to accomplish your goals; however, you may not meet all of your goals, but your timeline should reflect some work in progress.
As some of the DOT-Nistas may know, we had our bi-annual Daydream on Purpose workshop last weekend. This was a chance for women who support and or work on DOT Magazine to get together, set goals in a creative way while simultaneously gaining account-a-billa-buddies to keep them on track. It’s a 3 hour block of time DOT-Nistas can spend socializing, strategizing and daydreaming without feeling guilty about letting their minds wander across the possibilities. This is all based on the premise of the DOT-Nista being smart, forward thinking, determined and creative. This is you I’m sure!

Below are a few suggestions to assist you in the process of maturing into the woman you were created to be. Go ahead girlfriend. Let loose…and daydream. Create the vision you want to have as your reality by the end of 2014.

  1. Professionally: Where am I now (occupation)? Where do I want to be a year from now (occupation)? What steps do I need to take to get there?
  2. Personally: How are my relationships with family and friends? What can I do to improve my relationships? Communicate with your family and friends and ask for feedback.
  3. Spiritually: What and/or who gets me through the day when all else fails? What can I do to make more time for praying, meditating, and reflecting?
  4. Physically: Am I physically healthy? Schedule days on your calendar for your annual exam, dental, and vision doctor visits. Ask your doctor what steps do you need to take in order to improve or maintain your health.
  5. Financially: Am I financially stable? Do I want to purchase a house within the next five years? How much should I be saving for retirement? Do I plan to take a vacation and how much should I save? Make an appointment with a financial advisor to go over your financial goals.
  6. Emotionally and mentally: What activities can I do to de-stress or unplug? Make a commitment to de-stress this year by penciling in, once a week, your favorite hobbies onto your yearly calendar.
Tip: Ladies, as you pursue your goals throughout this year, take pictures and write down your progress. You want to keep track of your ‘wins’. Keep in mind, you may not accomplish everything this year, but you are working towards something. That, girlfriend, is what successful people do. Keep winning. Keep pursuing. Keep living.

Mini Vision Board Challenge: I challenge you to make your vision board today. Drop me a line I’d love to see them and we can post the inspirational nuggets on all of our social media pages!

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