Kim Stylz is F.A.B.

F.A.B. entrepreneurs are fabulous, ambitious and brilliant women. These ladies understand dreams do not have deadlines. It’s a process NOT a project. She is living proof that being fabulous is way more fun than begin perfect. She lives her life in HD brilliance and has discovered: she’s already equipped with everything necessary for continued success. 

DOT: Share with the DOT-Nistas a little about yourself.

Kym: My name Kym Stylz. As an emerging celebrity designer what makes me stand out is my fashion perspective and style presentation.

DOT: What made you realize you wanted to become an entrepreneur/stylist?

Kym: What I do was never a “realization”. I consider it a part of my calling and I am limitless with talent.

DOT: Describe the moment when you thought to yourself, “I’ve made it. I am really doing this!”

Kym: The Moment I thought to myself “I’ve made it, I’m doing this” was when I signed the lease for my Atelier.

DOT: How do you rejuvenate and inspire yourself after a tough week?

Kym: I am constantly breathing and meditating all through the week. I encourage myself to remain joyful despite what may seem like an obstacle. I find it is important to practice a happy thought process daily.

DOT: As an entrepreneur, what is a sacrifice you made early on that you still think about to this day?

Kym: One of my biggest sacrifices was to give up my job and steady income, with two small children in the home who rely solely upon me as their provider, this was a huge decision.

DOT: As an entrepreneur/business woman, what makes you continue moving forward day after day?

Kym: As an entrepreneur/business woman I continue to move forward day after day because I have children to inspire and set an example for. I continue my journey because I know it is what I came to do, and I live with a purpose.

DOT: What does being fabulous, ambitious and brilliant mean to you?

Kym: Being Fabulous, ambitious and brilliant means never having to sacrifice your dreams or self-image and managing to gracefully combine these characteristics.

DOT: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a mentor or coach?

Kym: My Mentor and President at the Academy of Couture Art University always reminds each of us to remain humble.

DOT: What is on the horizon for your life & style + business over the next 3 months? The next 6 months?

Kym: I am looking forward to building the KymCouture Kollection Brand and have now opened up an Atelier (Designer Workspace & Showroom) in Beverly Hills Ca.

DOT: How can DOT-Nistas keep in touch with you and continue to follow your success?

Kym: Please, all DOT-Nistas follow me on twitter and IG and have a look at some of my great items available on


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