Deshai Cole is F.A.B.

F.A.B. entrepreneurs are fabulous, ambitious and brilliant women. These ladies understand dreams do not have deadlines. It’s a process NOT a project. She is living proof that being fabulous is way more fun than begin perfect. She lives her life in HD brilliance and has discovered: she’s already equipped with everything necessary for continued success.

DOT: Share with the DOT-Nistas a little about yourself.

Deshai: I’m the host of The DeShai Cole Show and author of the book 30 Ways to Please Your Man. I am also a certified life, relationship and wellness coach.

DOT: What makes The Deshai Cole Show stand out from the competition? How do you stay relevant?

Deshai: My show is a one stop shop for women of all ages. It’s relatable. We discuss what women deal with everyday.

DOT: What made you realize you wanted to become an entrepreneur/radio personality?

Deshai: I was born to do this I’ve always loved entertaining. When I moved to ATL I started doing the show in my bathroom and before I know I got a call from Sensation Station Network… the rest is history!

DOT: What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve face as a woman in business?

Deshai: I think people want women to be soft and silent in this industry sometimes and as a Boss I can’t do that. Sometimes I find that you just can’t be polite sometimes you have to just be the boss.

DOT: Describe the moment when you thought to yourself, “I’ve made it. I am really doing this!”

Deshai: LOL We’ll I don’t really think I’ve “made it” I’m always working for more and trying to be even better but a proud moment for me was when Kenny Burns praised my show on his radio show.

DOT: How do you rejuvenate and inspire yourself after a tough week?

Deshai: I speak positivity to myself and I am big on affirmations but the icing on the cake is a Sunday Spa day!

DOT: As an entrepreneur/business woman, what makes you continue moving forward day after day?

Deshai: I want to be great and be a great example for my daughter. I have so many people who depend on me so failing isn’t an option if I don’t eat they don’t eat!

DOT: What does being fabulous, ambitious and brilliant mean to you?

Deshai: Living your best life and living your own truth no one else’s. I tell people the one constant thing in your life is you so you better be good to yourself.

DOT: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a mentor or coach?

Deshai: “Your thoughts become reality”.

DOT: What is on the horizon for your life & style + business over the next 3 months? The next 6 months?

Deshai: My second book “30 Thing every woman should know about Life, Love and Happiness” also we are doing big things over at The DeShai Cole Show be sure and tune in every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern or from your phone via the “Tune-In” app.

DOT: How can DOT-Nistas keep in touch with you and continue to follow your success?

Deshai: Dot-nistas I love it!!! Follow me on twitter and instagram @deshaicole and stay connected to


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