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Girlfriend in a Funk

Written By: Jay Young

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Hey Ladies, do you have a girlfriend who ruins your Zen after hanging out or talking with her? After you spend time together, you ask yourself, “Why am I in such a funk?” Does it feel like you can only handle her in small doses?

We all complain now and then, but girlfriend complains about EVERYTHING. She never has anything positive to say about anyone or anything. Next time you two are out, pay close attention to the signs of a ‘Girlfriend in a funk:

  • All women have bad days, but the unhappy woman ALWAYS has a happy face turned upside down.
  • She is always on ‘notice’ when another attractive woman steps in the room. She gives her the, “stank face” – nose turned up, looking the woman up and down.
  • She feels like she’s in competition with other women, so she’s always trying to find a way to bring them down—all of them.
  • She’s overly critical of herself and others.

Perhaps your friend doesn’t realize she displays some or all of the signs. Talk to her girlfriend-to- girlfriend. Open up a dialogue to explore what you’ve noticed. Focus the discussion on her well-being and happiness—not her funk making you funky.

Something else to consider is a pessimistic attitude as an underlying symptom of depression. The American Institute for Cognitive Therapy suggests, “Many depressed people have unrealistically high standards for themselves and for other people. They believe that they (or others) shouldn’t make mistakes, their job should be free of conflict or should be fun all the time, or that their marriage should be completely happy.” Be the support she needs and offer an ear to listen. Compliment her talents and engage in her constructive-self-esteem-building activities. No dice? Encourage her to seek medical treatment, if you’re a close enough friend.

Not that close after all? Then beware of the ‘girlfriend in a funk’. The side effects are legit and can rub off leading you to: Bad Mood Central, Degrade Other Women Avenue, Complaining Boulevard and Gossiping Square. These are all places you don’t want to find your positive and happy self. So if she’s not that close to you, and it’s not depression, take note–the drama following her like a dark cloud is soon to rain on your parade.

Keep in mind ladies: your well-being is important. Stay focused on the positive aspects of your life. Supporting a depressed friend or loved one can be draining. It’s important to stay on track with the day-to-day activities in your life.

For further information about symptoms and treatment for depression go to\



Have you ever been in a funk? How did you get out of it and come out on top? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Dee

    Love this article. I think it’s okay to have a bad day here and there. Just as long as you don’t make it everyday. If we always focus on the negative, eventually our minds begin to find negativity in everything. i will joke with my husband sometimes telling him women don’t need an excuse to have a bad say, Sometimes they just come like a Mack truck and collide head on. Just as long as that Mack truck doesn’t come to town everyday. Being an eat for your girlfriend to talk to is all great, but if you find yourself playing psychologist Everytime you talk to your girlfriend tell her you are going to start charging hourly per session.

    • admin

      I agree! Let’s hope the Mack Truck only stops by once in a while if we can help it. 🙂 But I love charging an hourly rate. Some of us could probably start a side hustle! But let’s hope that our gal pals will grow out of it, let it go or get the help they need to see the silver lining. Thanks for stopping by our blog Dee!

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