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Your Circle of Influence

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Who are the top five people that you hang around the most? It has been said that the top five people on your life are your key influencers.

These are typically the people that influence your decisions and are ultimately are a reflection of who you are. If you hang around someone who is always negative, you may tend to have negative thoughts. If you hang around someone who is always crying broke, you may very well find yourself in a broken state of mind. Now is the time to change your circle of influence. All you need is a few good people in your corner. Here are qualities to look for when crafting your circle of influence.

Your circle of friends must have an undying drive. They must have aspirations and be actively working toward them. You should not be the only successful, driven, and hardworking one in your circle. You must surround yourself with friends who read books, are always seeking knowledge, maintain a spiritual connection with God, and have healthy habits. Your friends are a reflection of you. Surround yourself with people who have their own strong network of friends; expand your network! The phrase ‘it’s not about what you know, but who you know’ has a great deal of truth to it. If you and your circle all know the same people, chances are, you won’t expand to your greatest potential.

Your circle must be full of loyal individuals. If you were going through a crisis, could you count on every member of your circle to be there? Is someone in your circle friends with your ‘enemies’? I’m a firm believer that you can’t be my friend and be in the presence of people who don’t like me. It only makes me wonder, “How did you sit through an entire conversation and let them drag me through the mud. You’re not my friend because you told me…you should have told them off!” Tell those who are scared to fight for you to go home. If they really don’t want to be with you, don’t compromise, or negotiate, and you better not cry. Do not beg anyone to stand in your corner. Be mindful of the level of loyalty your friends have for you; LOYALTY is a very important quality.

More Support, Less Jealousy
Sometimes, you will have friends in your circle who are not at your level of success yet. They will start questioning their value in your life and many times, this leads to jealousy. You do not need any friends in your circle who are jealous people. Jealous people will sabotage your dreams and they will not wish you well. You need supporters. Supporters understand they may not be at the level they desire, however, by supporting you, all the blessings you receive will trickle down to your supporters. If someone can’t handle your outgoing personality, let them know they are not for you. You need someone who is secure enough and is not intimidated by anything or anybody.

Built to Last
Friends have disagreements. If you and your friend have a disagreement and they slander your name, tell your business to those outside of the circle, and even talk about you on social networks, they are not built to last. Your friends must understand: True friends have disagreements; this allows room for growth. If they are willing to walk away after one argument, let them walk. You must always think ‘I’m worth fighting over. If you can’t deal with a few arguments then you’re not built for me’.

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