Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch

7 Tips to Blow ‘Em Away

Written By: Brittany Applegate follow Brittany on Twitter @bdapples

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Imagine you’re in an elevator with the CEO of your dream company. Will you simply smile and put your head down while you think about how you could introduce yourself? Or will you take advantage of the opportunity and sell yourself?

I hope you chose the latter. If you keep up with, I KNOW you chose the latter.

For the gals who have never heard the term until now, what is an elevator pitch? Elevator pitches are short introductory speeches designed to be given in the time span of an elevator ride. We never know who we will meet; so let’s discuss how to design a stunning elevator pitch to ensure the elevator doors of opportunity don’t close on us. It only takes 3-5 seconds to make a first impression. What does this mean? We need to have our game face on and be confident in our ability to blow ‘em away for the 17 – 30 seconds after the first impression is made.

Are we ready? Of course we are. Let’s do this!

The Elevator Pitch

  1. Write it down: It all begins with writing. Don’t type it out; write it out in order to retain the script. Write down: Who you are, what makes you unique, your skills, past accomplishments… EVERYTHING. This process helps aim us in the right direction.
  2. Opening Statement: It needs to grab the listener’s attention.  Say something like: “Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you work for Boeing…” But don’t say, “Excuse me, but your shoe is untied.” Identify what you want your first verbal impression to be.
  3. Selling point: Quickly share three skills and/or accomplishments. Note: Think, why would/should I hire myself? How could I leverage my skills to impact the company’s bottom line?
  4. Seek information: You want to contract or work full time in the marketing department of McDonald’s Corporation; express interest and figure out who and what you need to know. It only takes ten seconds to receive a name.
  5. Grab the business card: Self-explanatory, the favor is in the follow-up.
  6. Keep it short & concise: Make sure the elevator pitch is no more than four key sentences. Keep in mind, there is not much time so gracefully get to the point.
  7. REVISE! Practice with friends, colleagues, and in the mirror. It’s show time.

Remember, the elevator pitch is not only for the elevator; it can used anywhere there is an opportunity. I’ve never been on the elevator with a key person from my dream job, but my elevator pitch has come in handy at career fairs and in interviews. Perfect the pitch and you may just find yourself behind a desk of your dream job.


Is your elevator pitch ready? How’s it working for you? Leave a comment below!



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