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Hail to the V or Vitamin D?

By: Dr. Sally Singleton-Williams follow her on Twitter @Drsallyw01

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All Powerful Mr. Penis

God decreed that man would have dominion over everything on earth. Therefore, Mr. Penises have control over commerce, kingdoms, cultures, and the animal world.  They seek to control all that comes within their radius, including other Mr. Penises, but most of all, Ms. Vaginas.

Photo By Edgar Clemente

The ‘Mr. Penis’ reference is not to focus on the male anatomy alone, but to illuminate the persona and ego attached to the organ. Mr. Penis represents the spiritual, almost invisible symbol of the dominant power males possess. Mr. Penis houses the seed of new life. Without the microscopic sperm that comes forth from him, no human or animal would be created. Yes, his seed needs a place for incubation; a womb to house, nurture and birth a newly developed baby. Beyond the giver of life, Mr. Penis feels he has a powerful function and position in the order of life.

Mr. Penis has the ultimate ego over all creatures. The importance of his ego will compel him to protect it above everything else. Have you have ever watched how Mr. Penis talks during conversations? For example, depending on how many other Mr. Penises are in his presence at the time, all of them will seek to express their position of power and influence among one other. They may start their conversations by talking about their authoritative status in the world which could include their job, education, and/or wealth. They seek to impress each other with their physical, mental, and sophisticated influence because they are competing for position within the Mr. Penis peer ranks. If any of them are attracted to a Ms. Vaginas in the room, he may lose his cool. She’s a lethal power that can cripple his very existence. However, depending on how much ego Mr. Penis possesses, he may choose to ignore his first instinct, ‘leave Ms. Vagina alone’. His confidence, ego-driven conquering spirit may push him forward to ‘go and conquer her’.  After all, Mr. Penis may think he is all powerful and she is nothing but a female, a vagina with absolutely no influence at all. What harm could she possibly be to him?

The problem is: Many kingdoms have risen and fallen because of Ms. Vaginas. So who has the real power?

All Powerful Ms. Vagina

Who is Ms. Vagina? She is the gateway to motherhood which houses, nurtures and births life given to her by the seed of Mr. Penis. This is only a small part of her function. Within her walls of warmth lie the most lethal controls on earth…

Photo By Edgar Clemente

Ms. Vagina has the capability to influence, love, conquer or destroy the most powerful penises on the planet by utilizing her skills of seduction and movement. Depending on the mental prowess of her hosting body, who may be cool, soft spoken, and ever so sweet, Ms. Vagina can cause the most evil and unkind man to give up his entire fortune and family by alluring him with promises of pleasure for a season.

Very few heterosexual men can escape Ms. Vagina’s clutches once her hypnotic love potion pulls victims within her walls of lust. When men have left her, they are stumbling, confused and wondering how they got caught in her web spinning in the first place!
Her actions could result in overwhelming passion of never ending love, in which men believe they must have her at all costs. Or, the result could be the complete devastation of a man’s true relationship with another Ms. Vagina due to the pain caused by his nights of passion with a vagina not belonging to him.

The question may be asked: Is Ms. Vagina the most powerful? Remember great kingdoms have risen, men have been loved and children have been born and nurtured because of her work. Also remember wars have been fought, men have been killed and families devastated by divorce because Ms. Vagina has the power to dominate whomever she goes after.

Your thoughts are welcomed. Who do you think has more power: Mr. Penis or Ms. Vagina? Why? Leave a comment below.


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