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There’s nothing like curling up with a good book. Check out the latest book reviews by Dr. Essence Robinson.

Goodreads.comSeven Patients by Atul Kumar

Next time you find yourself going through withdrawals awaiting the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode, check out or download Atul Kumar’s Seven Patients.  Exciting; whether each story is read separately or in succession. The hidden plot is revealed. This book is a medical soap opera drama just like the popular television series we’ve come to love.  Each patient case reveals a little more about the issues that arise in the medical world.  With chapters entitled: Hi Five and Myiasis (which is the $20 way of describing an infestation due to . . .). You’ll have to read for yourself whether they’re trying to save a patient’s life or their own.


Basketball Jones by E. Lynn Harris

Goodreads.comCountless stories are re-told about the other woman; but what if there was another man in your man’s life?  AJ Richardson and Dray Jones have been “friends” since AJ was enlisted as Dray’s tutor during their college days.  After passing yet another test and being able to play another basketball game, Dray showed his appreciation to AJ with more than buying him a beer.  After college, Dray was drafted into the NBA and AJ was invited along for the ride.  The love AJ and Dray have for one another is real . . . secretive, but real.  AJ is open about his sexuality, but tight lipped about his significant other, while Dray on the other hand is open about his career, and thought no one knew about his double life until he was blackmailed.  The late E. Lynn Harris gives us a peak into the taboo world of being an openly or closeted gay African American male.  Harris’ characters and writing style bring this romance turned mystery to life. It is definitely a page turner you won’t want to put down.

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    Haven’t read these books yet; but I think I’m going to have to now since this is the fourth book review I’ve read on your site and they make a compelling argument to get them.

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