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My Freelance Life: I Am Fed Up!

I Am Fed Up! (Throwing Up Both Hands!)

By: Artiatesia Deal

I have to get something off of my chest. If I don’t do it now, I just might explode. Plus if I ever get told in person or receive a text  similar to what sparked this post in the first place, I’ll send that person here. Then they’ll finally get it. It will be my 2012 (and beyond) version of “Talk to the Hand!”

“You ain’t got no job man!”

I am not the female version of the character Tommy from Martin. Yes, I know I no longer work a traditional 9-to-5 job. Yes, I know I no longer get up in the morning and head into the city to work in my gray cubicle. This is something I am well aware of. I am EMPLOYED; self-employed, meaning I work for myself. I still have to pay taxes, people. I do the same thing I was doing at my former traditional 9-to-5 job. The difference now is, instead of solely working for one company, I work with several different individuals/entrepreneurs/small businesses. I once had steady pay and I will have it again. Please stop counting me out.

I don’t sleep all day.

I wish I could. I don’t even like taking naps. If you do find me lying down or read a tweet/status of me taking a nap, it’s because of one of two things. 1) I could be really tired. There are nights where I’m up way past midnight doing work/research whether it’s for clients or myself. If I do more than one of these late nights back to back, I will eventually burn out and go to bed early or lay down during the day. This usually triggers a Pepsi and/or candy binge, since I don’t drink coffee or those energy drinks. 2) The other reason is that I am sick. I hate being sick and I hate taking medication. When I do get sick, I get really sick – fevers, headaches, body aches, congestion, sore throat, and sometimes pinkeye. In my line of work, I have learned that there are people who don’t care if you’re sick. It’s not their problem. I work off of a machine. I’m not one. If I push my body to the limit, it will break down; I can’t buy another one of me at the Apple Store.

I don’t work in my PJs.

I could. I would love to, but I don’t. Just because I work from home does not mean I don’t get up and wash my body. I wake up; watch the morning news, eat/shower/dress/log on to my computer (sometimes in a different order). Now I don’t always do my hair. I am not doing any video chats (although I would love to start doing them) so I have no need to be all dolled up. If the case arises where I need to be on camera, then hair will be done, the sweatshirt will be replaced with a nice blouse, and I will be presentable.

All you do is sit in front your computer.

Well duh! I am a web designer and that’s how I make a living. What? Am I supposed to design and launch a site by using my Staples Easy button? Oh, I wish it were that simple. Yes, I admit, I was addicted to Café World on Facebook and to break the habit I decided to leave Facebook because despite removing it I was still getting requests to play. That was over two years ago. My Facebook Page for this blog and the one for my business have suffered. However, I have found more success for my business on twitter. Yes, I wish my local clientele was equal to my online clientele. This is something I am working on. Yes, a tree grows in Brooklyn but that sh*t didn’t get tall and strong overnight and I don’t expect my ideas too. You shouldn’t either.

It’s quite okay to not fully understand what I do.

I didn’t always want to be a web designer. I think a few people still haven’t gotten over the shock of my ‘career change’. It’s been 10 years since I decided to start following my dreams instead of that ‘dream I once had’ that so many people fell in love with. Sorry I dimmed the lights on the dollar signs in your eyes. I guess I truly never got over that statement I deemed hurtful so many years ago. The recent chain of events triggered it back into my memory. You know what? I am not going to let it draw me back to that dark place. Instead, I’m going to use it as my motivator to prove them wrong. I wish they would learn that they need to cut the cord and let me make my own mistakes [you know who you are]. How else will I learn what to not do and what works? Let me walk my journey and I will try my best to be more patient and open with you.

The life of a perfectionist is unrealistic. Sorry I am not perfect.

[In fact, perfection is the biggest enemy to greatness.]


Tell us about YOUR freelance life. We’d love to hear how you can relate. Leave a comment below!

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  1. Diamond Drake
    Diamond Drake11-14-2012

    I can definitely relate. My entire life has been built around what others expect of me and when I finally got tired of living for other people and stepped out to live my own dreams, it wasn’t exactly met with excitement. I still here things like, “What a waste” or “You could’ve been so much” as if what I am now somehow isn’t good enough. Unfortunately, I can let those things bother me on certain days but when it’s all said and done, I’ve achieved the things that I’VE wanted to achieve and I notice that my biggest critics are those who have never even attempted to go after their own dreams. That’s probably why they have so much time to sit around telling me what I should be doing. I’m doing what I should be doing and I’m happy with that. And I won’t waste another minute worrying about what “they” have to say.

    • Dorothina

      People are always asking me: what I do all day. I guess people think I just sit around and stare out the window. But, it’s not that at all. I have to make sure that I am on point as a business woman because I’ve got to eat and pay bills. I also think that some people are curious in an honest way and other people are jealous (and they should be). LOL. There is great freedom in being self-employed and also great responsibility. So, it is my hope that I will set a good example for those contemplating the BIG leap and for those that would never want to (whether they are scared, comfortable where they are, or complacent) that it is all good (to each her own). We have the right to choose the lifestyle we would like to lead. And I love the fact that I don’t have to worry what day Thanksgiving is or when my next holiday falls in order for me to plan a vacation. Whooop! There’s something special about that!

  2. JC

    With technology today it makes me laugh that people truly feel that if you are not in an office working normal business hours that you are not working.
    It’s great to know that I’m not the only one out there who wants to facilitate their own hours and the days of work to live out their passion.

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