Love on Yourself

Love on Yourself

  By: Dr. Sally Singleton-Williams

We are constantly reminded 24 hours a day that we’re not good enough and we’re in need of some sort of fixin’. The psychology of marketing in the United States is incredible.  Our television ads constantly tell us our hair is too grey, we weigh too much, our clothes aren’t trendy enough, our food is not nutritious enough and on and on it goes. We open a magazine, look at a billboard, or talk to our friends and family; what’s the message:  Tales of the latest and greatest fad designed to help us become perfect. Let marketing strategists tell it, we’re light years away from the ‘perfection’ we strive for daily, weekly, and yearly.

There are some things we need to do for our health and betterment. We need to shed some pounds to be healthier and stick around the world longer. However, it is unlikely that exercising excessively or losing the last twenty pounds to achieve your ideal weight will have you at a size 0. Especially when you’ve been a size 14 all of your life!

Today is a brand new day. How about loving on yourself the way you are for a change? What about liking those extra curves, or your hair that always seemed too thick, those bow legs or even the unique laughter that distinguishes you from everyone else in the room.  How about not feeling guilty for eating the last piece of cheesecake or having an extra slice of bacon? What if you could just give yourself a hug?  Look in the mirror and say ‘I’m OK’…and really mean it today!

The next time someone compliments you, don’t editorialize or say something negative like, “This dress is old!” Try a new phrase. An easy one, like: Thank you. Go ahead, try it right now. T-h-a-n-k  y-o-u.

Love on yourself. That means you can acknowledge and give yourself permission to say: YES, I do deserve someone to say something nice about me. You’re made in the image of God and that means you are FINE! When you seek to improve yourself by gaining or losing weight, fixing your teeth, getting a weave or whatever you choose, think about the REAL reason why you’re doing it. Don’t allow the psychology of marketing to make you feel like you’re not good enough to take control of your thoughts because guess what…

You ARE good enough and “You are FINE!” So, start LOVING ON YOURSELF for a change!

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