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Book Review: Fifty Shades of Gray by E.L. James

Book Review By: Dr. Essence Robinson

After learning about this series on the Today Show several weeks back, I finally succumbed to the hype.  I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a group of ladies reading the book on their kindles and nooks, in the office waiting or break room smuggling the book with them everywhere they went.  It seemed as if every person at work, Facebook, down the street and around the corner had escaped to the world that was 50 shades of Christian Gray.   So on a Friday night, I downloaded the novel to my kindle and began reading. Before the weekend was up, I was at the part of the book where “the good stuff” begins to unfold.   Fifty shades of Gray is indeed a fast paced addicting novel.  Not to disappoint, it is more than an erotica tale.  Intermingled amongst racy prose, is the mystery of the mercurial Mr. Gray, whose kinky pastimes makes a reader blush, fall in love with him and fear him all at the same time.  Like Anastasia Steele (Ana), you are drawn in by the sex but stay around for the story. You begin questioning the limits of your own heart and mind and you want to know what makes Mr. Gray so complicated, so cryptic and controlling.


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