God Sent Me a Voicemail

By: Dorothy Enriquez

I had to leave my love but it didn’t make sense

And I asked God, “Why does it have to be so?”

“God, can’t my love and I just be together?”

I awaited a response and when I didn’t hear back, I called again.

God, are you there? Did you hear my question?

Still nothing.

Life’s funny that way, I guess, as I encounter each day

With new eyes, a new spirit and a freshness about me

And I go through life with purpose, no meandering

As I carry on day by day my love carried on too

How do you go through life I asked my love

And he answered, with purpose, with inspiration

And I said, “Don’t you wonder ‘why’ my love?”

He said, “I wondered, yes, but then I prayed and asked God.”

What did he say I asked? My love said, “He said not right now.”

“What!?” I exclaimed. “He told you that? He told you that?”

He said, “Yeah, he told me”. I said, “When?”

He said nonchalantly, “When I prayed about it.”

Then I realized…I forgot to check my voicemail…

I prayed, but I didn’t wait for a response…I had “life” going on…but God did leave me a vmail and I had gotten the SAME message!!!!


Moral of the Story: God always answers and really does talk to all of us so, don’t forget to check your voicemail if you didn’t wait for a response when you initially placed the prayer.

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