Enhancing Your Sex Appeal

By: Greg Angus

If you ask anyone to say something positive about themselves, you will generally get the response I am a good softball player, or I am a good at my job, or I can play every song on Guitar Hero 3. Unfortunately there is only a small section of the opposite sex that is attracted to a Guitar hero Wizard, or a softball star. But it each of these is a skill that a person learned and approaches with confidence, if your technique didn’t work out at first you improved upon it until you became good.

If you can learn to become good at your job or Guitar hero you can learn to become good at attracting the opposite sex. There is no technique that is fool proof; everyone has a different type that appeals to them. So you may get shot down for being too tall or too short or to muscular or the wrong color hair or thousands of other reasons. I have noticed that the right guy can approach a woman and say all the wrong things and hit a home run, another guy can be smooth and have a great line and get shot down. The right guy can say anything and the wrong guy cannot do anything right. In his life time Brad Pitt has struck out several times, he was voted both the sexiest man alive and the worst smelling celebrity in the same year. Men have broken up with Selma Hayek. The reason is that even though Brad and Selma have more sex appeal than the average they still only appeal to 25% of the public. The key is having the sex appeal so that you are the right guy or girl.

You may say that Brad Pitt has sex appeal because he has money and that is true, his sex appeal is enhanced because of his finance. There is a distinct different in the sexes.  A man making 200,000K a year will walk into the McDonalds and flirt with the cute girl behind the counter. But a woman that makes over $50,000 wouldn’t flirt with Brad Pitt if he was taking her order for a super size fries. But then place them in different circumstances, put the 50K girl in the grocery and Brad Pitt walking down the isle with a cart. The average 50k girl will check out the face, ring finger and then butt in that order.

Sex appeal is more than just money; it is having a quality that the opposite sex is looking for. If you have money and it works for you then I say enjoy, however it isn’t necessary. Some form of stability is absolutely necessary; you need a job, a place to live, a vehicle and no form of debilitating addiction. If one of those is your conditions forget about the opposite sex for the moment and concentrate on yourself. Relationship are an extra in life, like power windows in a car, you don’t need them but they are nice to have and once you have them it is hard to go back,. But then if you don’t have the car you will have no use for power windows.   Money is in the top 5 list of wants, not that you have to be a millionaire. You need only enough to be stable, but stability is second to good hygiene. When asked which is more important to them money or hygiene, Women will always say hygiene. This means you are more likely to score after a shower than on payday, well unless you are in certain parts of Nevada.

I am not one of those people who say be happy with who you are, or just be yourself and everything will work out. It won’t unless you put effort forth. You are who you are, that’s true and you can’t change it no matter what, however you can enhance yourself. I don’t mean go out and get hair plugs, radical surgery or a boob job, fake boobs are nice they are sort of like power windows on a car, but I digress. If you are overweight then diet and exercise, if you are not satisfied with your financial position then go to school and obtain training for a better job. If you are unhappy with your appearance you may be able to enhance it through exercise and clothing.  It really doesn’t matter if your nose is too large or if your hair is receding, a woman is more likely to notice a man that is physically fit but with a big nose than a handsome man that is out of shape.

Whoever you are you can enhance yourself. There is something in everyone’s life that could be improved upon. If you are not attracting enough people or the right people, you may need a change. How many times have we heard a woman say I am a loser magnet? The truth of the matter is that every relationship you have ever been in with the opposite sex has ended, except the current one. Usually they have ended badly so there are probably bitter memories. Don’t expect relationships to end with everyone happy about the experience, it is not a comment on your ability to attract the opposite sex. If everyone was happy with the experience then the relationship wouldn’t have ended.

If attracting the wrong people or no people is the case, stop doing whatever you are doing to attract the wrong people. Obviously this is easier said than done. If you knew the one thing you could change you would have changed it long ago. There is not one thing that I can say to change, but you can select something that you can improve upon, improve that then select something else you don’t like and improve upon that. The confidence developed through weight loss, or becoming physically fit or getting a better job may do the trick.

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