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I Love With You

By: Erika Miller

October 18th 2005…They Met…

October 15, 2010…HE FINDS HER…

He said:

There’s no other way to say it… I love with you

There’s something about you that makes any room emit radiance and grace

Your arms are where I am meant to be and they were made for me

The darkness is no fear of ours because our love defeats the tests. I’m never afraid, because I know we are in this together. You can always draw closer to me.

What else can I say, but I love with you

You and I come from the same place; it’s eternal and pure, and forever even seems fleeting

Lets walk along this journey, side by side, hand in hand, tripping over steps, and basking in the light of day together.

What else can I say, but I love with you

I love the way we keep things fresh. Every date is as magical as the first. I relish in all of the hidden gems that encompass you.

You bring the joy that ascends my joy, and all I know is we deserve this.

You are love, I hope in love, I dine in love, I dream in love, I love in love, these are my fantasies as I sit in our favorite coffee shop contemplating the us we’ve become, gazing at your picture, lost in our love waiting for my visions to manifest your scent, your caress, and your breath…

What else can I say, but I love with you

In my mind’s eye, I picture you, I feel you, I yearn for you…

On the nights we are apart, I hope for you like I hope right now, this second, this instant, my heart’s beat is reaching out to find you.

I close my eyes and the first thing that I see is your smile so beautiful and so sincere

Your smile bids me to come to you, as though you hold the answers to the questions I never even knew existed but always needed to know.

You are beauty. You are perfection. You are hope. You are wonder and awe. You’re my best friend and even though we only met a short while ago, I believe that I have always known you. You don’t have to tell me the secret to your magic. The only thing that matters is…. I love with you.

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